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Physiotherapy in Clermont, FL

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How Physiotherapy in Clermont Can Restore Your Mobility

Often, when you have an illness, disability, or injury, it can severely limit your ability to move. This includes during your day-to-day life, at work, and at play.

Worst of all, when moving and functioning is painful, it makes you more likely to remain stationary. As a result, you end up missing out on a lot of life’s best moments.

If this is your reality, there’s a solution.

Physiotherapy is a treatment designed to restore your mobility, range of motion, and the function of your joints and muscles. It will reduce your pain and strengthen your body so it can support your movements.

Also called physical rehabilitation, it involves a range of techniques, treatments, and exercises to improve the way you function.

What Are the Different Types of Active Rehabilitation?

There are generally two types of physiotherapy: active and passive.

In active therapy, you do the work of physical movement and exercise yourself to improve your strength, ease pain, increase flexibility, and support better function of your whole body.

Examples of Active Rehabilitation Include:

  • Use of a Theraband (a resistance band designed to help build muscle and facilitate stretching)
  • Use of a Physioball (an exercise ball that improves core strength, balance, and stability)

In passive physical therapy, the physiotherapist, clinician, or chiropractor applies the therapy while you remain passive.

Examples Include:

  • Spinal manipulation (when a chiropractor or clinician applies controlled force to the affected joints to reduce pain and inflammation)
  • Traction (also called spinal decompression, where the spine is stretched to relieve pressure)
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical Muscle stimulation (EMS)

The passive approach is best for short-term pain relief, but is not recommended as a sole means of therapy. Instead, the best results occur when passive and active physiotherapies are combined in a treatment plan, according to the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement.

Physiotherapy Can Get Your Body Moving Like It Used To

Physical rehabilitation is an effective alternative to pain medication, invasive treatments, and surgery. If you have been recently ill, disabled, or injured, this type of therapy can be a major key to your recovery.

Ready to take your health back? Dr. Williams has experience, including extensive training and certification, in assessing and treating patients post-injury and post-disability.

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