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Understanding the Link Between Your Neck and Headaches

Written By Preferred Family Chiropractic on June 2, 2021

Neck Pain TreatmentHeadaches crop up for various reasons, including physical and neurological reasons originating in your neck. Yes, your body can trigger pain in one place while the problem is in another. When it comes to this kind of headache, it’s called a cervicogenic headache (CGH).

At Preferred Family Chiropractic in Clermont, we work to get to the root of your headaches, which often means taking a proper look at your neck health.

All About Cervicogenic Headaches and How Chiropractors Help

CGH is marked by a steady ache that can worsen over time, often occurring on one side of your neck, head, and/or face. They’re triggered by physical or neurological conditions. Full signs and symptoms of CGH include: 

  • Neck pain that radiates into the eyes, forehead, temple and ears
  • Shoulder and arm pain on the same side
  • Stiff neck
  • Eye swelling and blurred vision in some cases
  • Pain on the same side of the neck and head (on both sides in rare cases)

Pain can be triggered by sudden movements, like cough or sneezing, or set in due to poor posture. This triggers a CGH because nerves get pressured by either inflammation, tight muscles, a herniated or bulging disc, and more.

At Preferred Family Chiropractic, we perform a thorough exam and delve into your health history to make a proper diagnosis, and will go over treatment methods to tackle the root of your headaches. We have techniques that specifically CGH target tension. We’ll work out the stiffness, help restore proper neural function, and help your neck stop triggering CGHs.

Get Headache Relief in Clermont, Florida

Preferred Family Chiropractic offers the highest level of care encompassing the latest advancements in therapeutic rehabilitation and auto injury recovery. We provide quality spinal care to the surrounding Lake, Polk, Orange and Osceola communities. 

Our mission is to provide quality healthcare at an affordable price so that everybody may enjoy a life without pain. You will receive one-on-one personalized care with the doctor in a private treatment room. Together we will discuss and develop a plan to achieve your wellness goals.

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