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Active Auto Injury Treatment with Chiropractic Care

Written By Preferred Family Chiropractic on September 28, 2020

rsz autoaccident2Did you know that in 2018, there were a total of 403,626 reported auto accidents in Florida alone? From those accidents, there was also a reported 236,157 injuries ranging from severe to non-severe, including broken bones, whiplash, and more – many of which required some level of auto injury treatment.

Your 3-Step Active Auto Injury Treatment Plan

While many individuals who seek out auto injury treatment turn to their primary care provider, studies have shown that chiropractic offers several benefits to those who require injury treatment following a car accident. Why – because chiropractic treatments often require multiple phases of treatment that go far beyond addressing the symptoms you may feel after an auto accident. 

In fact, many chiropractors follow the three stages of chiropractic treatment when treating patients who were recently involved in an auto accident. This process helps patients not only find relief from their pain but help get them back to their day to day activities healthier and happier than before. 

1. Pain Reduction 

The primary mission of chiropractic treatment is to help patients find the pain relief they so desperately need. This is done by treating the pain, not simply masking the symptom. To do this, your chiropractor will need to know all the details of your auto accident, along with performing a full physical to identify any particular areas that need adjustment. This portion of treatment will likely include several different chiropractic treatment methods

2. Muscle Support 

Once the pain has been managed, it’s time to start rehabilitating the body. This involves adding a variety of exercises and other physiotherapies to your treatment to help strengthen the muscles of your body. This not only helps prevent further injuries but helps speed up the healing process.

3. Strengthening the Spine 

Finally, to prevent re-injuring your body, you’ll be assigned a variety of spine-strengthening exercises to help not only continue building essential muscles of the body but relieve any pressure or stress on the spinal discs and joints that may have been affected by your accident. 

Auto Injury Treatment in Clermont, Four Corners, and Citrus Ridge, FL

It doesn’t matter how severe your accident was, you should always seek out auto injury treatment to ensure you weren’t hurt or your body wasn’t thrown out of alignment, which can cause injury after the fact.  

If you or a loved one are seeking auto injury treatment, then contact Preferred Family Chiropractic by calling our office at (352) 536-1300 to schedule an appointment.

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